Imagine Academy


Meet Melissa Arnone

Melissa Arnone is a mother, wife and storyteller through music/singing and a
quintessential busy bee who pours her heart and soul into every endeavor. She is the founder and
creative director of Imagine Academy-Studios.
Melissa was born in Agrigento, a small village in Southern Italy in 1987. At the young age of 2 she
moved from her hometown to Belgium with her family.
Singing was as natural as breathing to her even from a young age. It happened naturally, without effort and it has always been part of her life.

As an adult she explored everything about her passion to communicate through singing and, with the results, it all became much clearer.

On the 18th of January 2018 she got a dream/vision which for her was like a higher calling.
Melissa was standing on stage in a red dress in a packed theatre singing and bringing great
emotions on the scene. It echoes even today in her heart and mind :

Girl you are made for this, don’t be afraid
to stand before people. You are powerful! ~ You got this!

Melissa Arnone

This memory was sealed deep within her heart for the years to follow… she treasured it and each passing day; she was feeling that it was harder and harder to contain it. It had to come out… her passion, burning deep within her soul, had to come out to light and so, Imagine Academy was born. A place where all can work together towards the ultimate dream of achieving greatness!