Immortalize the dream
Immortalize the dream

Immortalize the dream

The Red Curtains

2019 was the year where I started to make the first steps in this new adventure. Soon I would discover how difficult it would be. I had meetings with an orchestra conductor, event managers, dancers and different theater halls but every time it was a disappointment. These were like the first steps of a baby learning to walk. This dream on the inside of me needed to get strong and mature to survive in another environment.

As I said in my first post, I didn’t want to forget the dream/vision I received so I wrote down every detail in a notebook. I thought let’s make this dream memorable and make a videoclip of the dream. Actually I’ve always wanted to make one but budget has always stopped me.

This time it was not the case. I decided to say yes to the dream no matter what. So first of all I took a small step in the dark, took action in order to realize a video in a theatre. I discovered that when you take the first step, doors are being opened. I contacted cameramen but I couldn’t afford. Regardless of budget issues, I wouldn’t allow it to stop me from realizing this project.

I’ve contacted the manager of a theatre in Kortrijk(Belgium), fixed a date to record the videoclip without having a cameraman. 25/11/2019 would be the big day. I had exactly one month to organize everything. Keep in mind, I had no idea what song I would sing! So, still had to chose a song, record the song, mix and master it, arrange everything in order to make a professional videoclip. At that point I made an effort to think of what I already had and not what I still needed . So yeah, the first thing I thought was… family. Called my cousin, Milenia to take some pictures during the recording on 25/11/2019 and without planning it I ask ‘ by the way do you perhaps know anyone who could do the recording of the videoclip?’. ‘Well, I could ask a friend of mine’ she said. Long story short, she talks about it with her colleagues and turns out one of her colleagues used to work as a cameraman and has all the material and would love to do it for free and by the way the day of the recording happens to be his day off. I call this an open door, a gift… I call it grace.


Making this videoclip was a very special experience, the preparation and the day of recording went very smoothly. I was so thankful that someone as Gilles (cameraman) did something out of kindness and trust. Without knowing me personally, he was there and helping the best he could to satisfy my every request. So yeah, I have to thank to allot of people for helping me realize that video recording… From my cousin Ilaria that made my hair & makeup, to the amazing Gilles that recorded everything as well as everyone else that participated.

I think that talent cannot have a price. It’s sad in today’s society that in order to do something with your talent you need a budget that most of the people don’t have. So one day, I hope to help rectify that in the world, extend this help I was given to others and give some hope for their dreams too…

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