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The Academy

The Academy

Academy Vision

Our vision is to use 100% of our capabilities to produce a professional show in which we will produce quality songs and theater shows accompanied by lights, sounds, visuals, choreography and more!

The purpose is to offer people a memorable experience and allow young or new artists to step on the stage and enter a world where the show is not just a dream, a world where if you can imagine it, you can achieve it.

This show will be the first milestone for artists such as singers, musicians, producers,movie makers, scenographers and any other professional or adept who can contribute or has the calling to be part of a theater play… 

It will be the practical example of what happens when someone acknowledges his or her dream and actively steps into it and collectively, will contribute to setting the beginning of something bigger! A place where people can learn and build up towards an annual play, a way of actually gathering the fruits of your labor in this vast industry, a safe haven for all where we can learn, progress and shine like a star! Limitless!

Academy Mission

Build a school and production center that guarantees:

• a continuation of the theater play and the continuation of building up new artists

• that young talents come in the right environment and in a safe place where the person doesn’t have to be homologated to the current music industry but can guard its uniqueness of talent

• Material support to grow in a certain skill/talent

• A platform to bring that talent to the world

The mission is to never lose from sight the fundamentals of life fulfillment ideas.

Academy Strategy

1. Artistic & personal development of an artist

2. Annual play

3. Talent scout

4. Songwriting & music productions